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Our coffee beans come from Pure Bean Roasters in Rapid City, SD. In March 2020, we were exploring independent coffeehouses in Rapid City and stopped in at Pure Bean. It was love at first cup. Once we learned the unique method by which they roast their beans, we knew that we wanted to serve Pure Bean coffee at 12 Stones Coffee Co.

Pure Bean carefully selects the best coffee beans from around the world and freshly air roasts them to exact specifications. The unique air roasting method uses convection heat, which allows heat to be evenly distributed across each bean in the roasting process and all chaff to be removed. This method greatly reduces the acids in the coffee, which can often lead to stomach upset. The combination of high quality beans and the perfect roast means a smoother, richer tasting coffee.

We are proud to serve and sell Pure Bean coffee and are excited for our customers to experience it for themselves.

Our Roaster

12 Stones Coffee Company is excited to partner with Pure Bean Roasters out of Rapid City, SD to bring you the only air roasted coffee offered in the state of ND. Pure Bean was birthed out a passion for quality coffee and to show the world the excellent results than can come from air-roasted beans. Each bag of coffee is freshly roasted to exact specifications, creating a smooth, balanced, perfect cup of coffee every time. And, because of the effects of convection heat in the roasting process, the acids that often lead to upset stomach are greatly reduced.

The combination of high quality beans and the perfect roast means an outstanding cup of coffee. But don’t take our word for it, come experience it for yourselves. 🙂

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