Behind the Name – 12 Stones Coffee Company

Dec 30, 2021

We often get asked about the story behind our name — 12 Stones Coffee Company. About 5 years ago, we began to plan a coffeehouse with a group of friends in the small town we were living in at the time. We would get together almost every Friday night to talk about the business plan and to pray. We all happened to be in the same intensive Bible study and had just finished the book of Joshua. It was my husband that suggested the name 12 Stones Coffee, inspired by the 12 stones of remembrance from Joshua Chapter 4.

Joshua chapters 3-4 tell the whole story, but here’s the summation: God parted the waters of the Jordan River during flood stage, so that the Israelites could finally cross over into the Promised Land (Canaan). An important note of great significance — God wouldn’t part the waters until the Israelite priests, who were leading the way, took a step of faith and began to walk into the water. Once the priests walked in, God parted the river and the Israelites were able to cross over on dry land. When they had all crossed, God instructed Joshua to command a man from each of the 12 tribes to take 12 stones out of the midst of the Jordan from the place where the priests’ feet stood firm. They were to build a stone memorial, so that when generations to come asked what the stones signified, the story of God’s power and faithfulness would be remembered and shared.

Those 12 stones are a reminder of God’s faithfulness, fulfilled promises, and Him going before us to remove any obstacles that remain on the path to the purpose He has put before us. About a year after that meeting where we chose the name, our lives would change unexpectedly, and my husband and I soon found ourselves living in Bismarck for his job. However, it was still part of the plan for the two of us to open 12 Stones Coffee.

For us, the opening of 12 Stones Coffee Company is truly a story of God’s faithfulness and preparing the way. We’ve traveled hills and valleys, navigated obstacles and overcome fear & doubt along the way. We’re still on the journey and encouraged often by those 12 stones of remembrance. And, as we head into the New Year, we’re excited to continue to see our vision of faith unfold as we purpose to spread the love & hope of Jesus, serve outstanding coffee, and foster a place of true community.

Until next time, here’s to another day of great coffee and inspiring conversations at 12 Stones Coffee.